Shoes and feet safely disinfected with NATRUDES®.


Safely disinfect shoes and feet with NATRUDES®.

Disinfect shoes and feet with Natrudes®!

Our feet provide us with great services in everyday life – spending most of the day in shoes. But besides unpleasant odors, other dangers can lurk: For example, when we walk barefoot, our feet are exposed to fungi and other germs. With Natrudes® disinfectant spray you protect your feet from infections and prevent odors at the same time.

Natrudes® disinfectant spray can also be used to safely disinfect shoes over a wide area, so you no longer have to worry about fungi, germs or odors in everyday life.

Even hard-to-reach places on your shoes and boots are easily accessible, and even overhead, thanks to the special Natrudes® spray head. The uniform, fine spray mist effectively combats viruses, bacteria and fungi on many different surfaces.

Why disinfect feet?

Hygiene is very important to us – especially after jogging, sports activities or even a stay in the swimming pool, we should not neglect the care of our feet, because uninvited guests can also spread on them.

Bacteria, fungi and germs feel particularly at home in our warm footwear. Unpleasant consequences include foul odors and, in the worst case, even the growth of mold.


Whether on lace-up shoes, ankle boots, rubber boots or slippers – bacteria and germs settle mainly inside the footwear and on the laces.
With NATRUDES® disinfectant spray you give bacteria and bad odors in shoes and on feet no chance! The 3in1 formula disinfects plastic and textiles as well as skin. This is how you ensure hygienically clean freshness.


Protects you effectively in the following application areas:

Ideal for shoes and feet

Dermatologically tested

Against bacteria and odors

Simple application

IDEAL FOR shoes and feet

Ideal for any type of footwear. Also suitable for disinfection of laces and rubber boots.


Disinfects plastics and textiles for hygienic cleanliness and against odors. With Natrudes® disinfectant spray, you even disinfect overhead and in hard-to-reach places such as in boots and helmets. Enjoy the fresh feeling!


Dermatest rating Very Good: Natrudes® disinfectant spray is suitable for disinfecting the skin. Ideal for helmets, clothing and shoes.


Simply spray Natrudes® disinfectant spray on the inside and outside of the helmet or garments. Lightly wipe off any dirt or dust beforehand. Allow disinfectant spray to dry briefly – Done!


Safely disinfect shoes and feet with Natrudes®.