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NATRUDES® - the 3in1 solution for safe disinfection


NATRUDES® - The 3in1 solution for the beauty sector

STUDY SHOWS: So many bacteria hide on YOUR makeup tools.

It’s probably true: very few of us regularly clean make-up brushes, make-up sponges, eyelash curlers, eyebrow pencils and the like.

Current studies show how harmful this negligence can be. According to these, there is an average of around 1,176 bacteria on a foundation brush in particular. It’s quite unreal,
is it not?

Disinfect beauty tools to prevent skin blemishes!

Studies increasingly show how important regular
disinfection of our make-up equipment is. Nail arrows, scissors and even hairbrushes should also be disinfected regularly. To avoid acne, rashes or serious infections, clean your equipment weekly. And if it has to go fast:
NATRUDES® you can use in the practical travel size even on the road!

Always protected on the road with Natrudes

Disinfect your utensils quickly and easily on site with NATRUDES® disinfectant spray, which is now also used in the beauty sector due to its proven effectiveness.

How does disinfection of EQUIPMENT IN

Protect yourself and your customers from skin irritation and rashes in 3 easy steps:

  1. Spray make-up brushes, nail art kits or hairdressing supplies with NATRUDES® Disinfectant Spray. Attention: For a thorough cleaning we recommend not to use the product sparingly. In the case of sensitive materials, please test the application first on a inconspicuous place.

  2. Then either allow to dry or remove all dirt with a clean paper towel. NATRUDES® is dermatologically tested. It is therefore completely safe to bring the disinfected parts into contact with the skin even when they are moist.

  3. Our NATRUDES® disinfectant spray is also available in different sizes: Perfect for your make-up kit even on the go! A thorough

    Cleaning at any time is thus no longer an obstacle.


Protects you effectively in the following application areas:

Ideal for beauty sector

Dermatologically tested

Against bacteria and odors

Simple application

IDEAL also in the beauty sector

Nartudes® is the 3in1 solution for safe disinfection. Now also in the beauty sector! With NATRUDES® you will experience a fresh and clean feeling through thorough disinfection before and after using your cosmetic, nail or styling equipment.

Hairdressing accessories

Dermatest rating “Very Good”: NATRUDES® disinfectant spray is just as suitable for disinfecting hairdressing equipment such as hairbrushes and scissors as it is for various nail art and make-up equipment. Even dirty washbasins, which are constantly in contact with the skin and neck of your customers, can be quickly and easily disinfected with NATRUDES® before each use.


The aim of thorough disinfection in the nail salon is to prevent infections from being transmitted. Improper cleaning of the instruments or UV lamps can transfer bacteria that can cause nail bed inflammation, or even lead to nail fungus due to spores. With NATRUDES® you as a nail designer not only protect yourself, but also your customers.

Make Up Accessories

Our make-up equipment is one of the most unhygienic items you can touch your face with! To avoid acne and infections, you should disinfect your make-up utensils weekly with NATRUDES®. It can also be used prophylactically: A short spray before each application can help against the accumulation of germs. Protect yourself and your skin now with NATRUDES® disinfectant spray. Natrudes reinvents cleaning!


Safely protected -
even on the road!

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